Rayssac creation furniture

Kunstgewerbemuseum – Etienne RAYSSAC, 2016 exhibition

Handwerk und Design 2016 aus Paris und Berlin from 1er to 24 April 2016

Musée des Arts décoratifs du Kulturforum, Kunstgewerbemuseum am Kulturforum – Berlin (Germany)

Down to the bone… Etienne RAYSSAC takes on the subject, the material.

Every sculpture is a challenge. The matter, I blend it, I grind it up. What it becomes – the shape that unfolds, that asserts itself, I don’t know where that final shape comes from. I build, I obliterate, and I arrive at a point of balance that is totally self-evident. It might take a week or a day or a month – it’s not a table or a piece of furniture, it’s a sculpture – Down to the bone

Sculpture is combat. A play of deep cuts going down to the bone.

(english text  Alexis Flower)