We design high quality pieces
in classic or contemporary styles for French and foreign clients.

Using methods of traditional craftmanship, our main objective is to achieve impeccable quality at each different stage of fabrication. Our wood carvings, mural decor, furniture, antique copies and original designs are all made from top quality materials such as wood, plaster, terracotta, wax for bronze models in addition to techniques and finishes that include laquer, gold leaf, varnishing, tortoiseshell, shagreen and mother-of-pearl.

For our design and restoration projects, we regularly collaborate with team of master craftsmen skilled in rare techniques such as mirror crafting, cabinet making, lacquerwork, gilding, bronze metalwork, marquetry, trompe-l’œil, carpentry, woodturning or tapestry.

« 160ème anniversaire du Flacon aux Abeilles de Guerlain® » 2014

Exposition « Nectar » Boutique des Champs Elysées – Maison Guerlain et INMA