L Envolee for Guerlain "Flacon aux Abeilles 160e Birthday"


Artistic professions , Knowing how…and how it’s done

Etienne Rayssac  Making wood blossom  …  By Emilie FISCHER

Passionate about texture, the fine and delicate details of wood, he found the ideal material in which to express his creativity Rayssac sensually draws shapes out of wood with hisold-fashioned tools, he enters exceptional sites and perpetuates age-old-gestures, the fruit of a decade’s apprenticeship in the craft. Be it mending the wounds of time on historicalmonuments, imagining stunning decors for luxury boutiques or creating unique works of art, for the past thirty years, Etienne Rayssac has been living a fulfilled life in his workshop, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine in Paris

In love with sculpture, he studied at the Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, took a modelling course at the Ecole Boulle and a model sketching course at La Grande Chaumière Paris. He spent many years inapprenticeship at the Atelier Fancelli Père: “I was trained in a workshop that is employed by historical monuments, historical decors. You had to have studied many things in castles, palaces and Town Houses, observing them in their original setting and in the workshop. To master a craft that has many hidden facets, I always say that you must have seen, watched it being done and done it yourself.” This craft only unveils its secrets after a decade of practice: “then, only, do you begin to understand, After fifteen years you become proficient ”.

Skill in sketching, sculpting, wax sculpture, all of this, based on knowledge of styles, of wood and of eras are essential. It opens up a world of possibilities for the artist, playing with tradition and contemporary styles, fitting from one era to another.

Rayssac leaves an invisible mark on historical monuments. Renovating woodwork in the Chambre de la Reine in the Chateau de Versailles, in the Musée Rodin, sculpting carriage doors from Place Vendome among other historical projects throughout his carreer.

I have profound respect for these extraordinary sites. I am honoured, even though I am never alone, but work with others. Even back then, there were very high standards, both head and hands become permeated with this expertise, diving into another world

 With his talent, the craftsman catches a glimpse of new ideas, creating contemporary pieces for architects, interior designers, private individuals… even the fashion world has heard of Etienne Rayssac. Creating bas relief and wall décor for the boutiques of the greatest luxury brands, including “ L’Envolée for Guerlain “ in 2014. A unique and contemporary work of art, celebrating the 160th anniversary of the famous “Flacon aux Abeilles”

“ Whatever the final piece, the profession of sculpting ornaments is based on the knowledge of style, sketching and composition. Being an ornamental sculptor is not practicing only one profession, but many”

Maître d’Art since 2008, Etienne Rayssac satisfies his creative desires by creating coffee tables, lights, the famous “Miroir Lune” and a collection of animal sculptures in a variety of materials. Etienne Rayssac takes pleasure in changing styles, at ease on paper as much as in three dimension.

Written by Emilie FISHER – Entre LUXE ET PRESTIGE , Chief editor Yvan Besermenji

“L’art de vivre a la francaise”

 From September 10 to 18 – 2016, Etienne Rayssac back to the 28e Biennale des Antiquaires – Grand Palais Paris

For art lovers from across the world, the Biennale des Antiquaires has been a must-attend event for more than half a century and quintessentially representative of the French « Art de vivre ».

Etienne RAYSSAC, wood carver will enjoy to welcome you in Maîtres d’Art stand . MS02


Place Vendome sculpture

Place Vendome sculpture








Rayssac creation furniture

Kunstgewerbemuseum – Etienne RAYSSAC, 2016 exhibition

Handwerk und Design 2016 aus Paris und Berlin from 1er to 24 April 2016

Musée des Arts décoratifs du Kulturforum, Kunstgewerbemuseum am Kulturforum – Berlin (Germany)

Down to the bone… Etienne RAYSSAC takes on the subject, the material.

Every sculpture is a challenge. The matter, I blend it, I grind it up. What it becomes – the shape that unfolds, that asserts itself, I don’t know where that final shape comes from. I build, I obliterate, and I arrive at a point of balance that is totally self-evident. It might take a week or a day or a month – it’s not a table or a piece of furniture, it’s a sculpture – Down to the bone

Sculpture is combat. A play of deep cuts going down to the bone.

(english text  Alexis Flower)

REVELATIONS 2015, an organic sculpture

Getting into the heart of the matter … Etienne RAYSSAC sculptor in GRAND PALAIS Paris

From September 10 to 13 -  2015,

For the biennal dedicated entirely to the contemporary creation  REVELATIONS 2015 in GRAND PALAIS Paris Etienne Rayssac is going through the heart of the matter, looking for a “spine column” into the wood backbone to propose a new light on the volumes. He invites you to discover this organic sculpture in Maitre d’Art stand G1

Organic 2015

Organic 2015

Maitre d’Art carver, next exhibition’s Etienne RAYSSAC at Carrousel du Louvre – Paris …

From December 03 to 07 -  2014,

For the newest edition of the Biennale ” Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de la Création ” in Carrousel du Louvre in ParisEtienne RAYSSAC, woodcarver and ornament designer, will unveil to the public few exclusive pieces of bronze with strange and newest finishing as aluminium or deep black . These animals’ sculptures  were made in collaboration with the famous ”  Delisle Paris ”  – french high end bronze – especially the “Jungle” collection

visuel-cmac2014_250pxhippo in bronze




Etienne RAYSSAC à la Biennale des Antiquaires 2014



Dans le cadre de la Biennale des Antiquaires au Grand Palais sur Paris du 11 au 21 Septembre 2014 , les Maîtres d’Art exposent leur savoir faire dont Etienne RAYSSAC qui exposera une PIECE DE COLLECTION en qualité de Maître d’Art Sculpteur ornemaniste!